Bitcoin Is Open Source, It Doesn’t Matter Who Satoshi Is

Today, The New York Times took their turn at attempting to identify who Satoshi might be. Contrary to the Newsweek fiasco, this piece was well researched and written, including many important pieces of Bitcoin’s past (with links/citations for a change!).

The article suggests that Nick Szabo may have some connection to Bitcoin’s creation, but they are unable to make any concrete conclusions. Our stance is that it doesn’t really matter who Satoshi is. For all we care, it could just be a new program The Machines inserted into The Matrix, and there is no Satoshi. While the exposure from these “found Satoshi” stories is welcomed, we feel that education trumps fairy tale chasing.

The NYT had to fuck something up with their article, and we found that when we watched the video embedded into the article (after reading it). If you found Satoshi, the first thing he would probably tell you is that MINING IS NOT SOLVING MATH PROBLEMS! Also, isn’t the whole part about the miners/network verifying transactions to prevent a double spend pretty important? What about that Blockchain thingie that the MSM has in their sights? The guy in the video seems really enthusiastic about everything he is discussing, but really doesn’t seem to understand what he is saying.

Anyway, enough with the hate… he does bring up an important point that we can use to loop this thing full circle – “What is money?”. And with that, we bring you a blog post from Mr. Szabo himself, entitled – Shelling Out — The Origins Of Money. Hope you enjoy the weekend reading 🙂