Being Coinbase’d Ain’t All That Bad

    If you were one of the seemingly unfortunate individuals to receive an e-mail to your spam box yesterday, indicating that you were the proud recipient of having your Coinbase history sent to the IRS… There’s potentially a gold (bitcoin) lining. Coinbase – change your e-mail settings for these types of alerts. Return-Path: <> […]

Rare Pepe Fomo And The Alt Pump & Dump Cycle

Sideways, to the right, more sideways. Traders looking for btc volatility since the days after the BFX hack have experienced just about as much pain as individuals following this year’s US election. It’s been a while since our last post, but the crypto space has been nothing short of drama free. The two biggest events […]

You Can Call Me Wright, Craig Wright…

Thanks to cxn from tv for the image.   Well, that escalated quickly. Hours after the latest round of Satoshi Wright shit storm events, things went from weird to weirder. Gavin claims that he wasn’t hacked after losing commit access, and a slew of additional pieces of information have become available. Does Gavin forget though, […]

The Actual Current State of Bitcoin

We have stated since inception, our purpose is to promote positive energy, and critical thinking within the Bitcoin community. As evidenced by our previous work, the community has been positively receptive and have changed their unbearably passive attitude to be more critical in analyzing the many moving parts of the ecosystem. Although we have taken […]

We’ll Be Back Soon

Missed us yet? It’s been a while, but we have been watching, reading and listening. The community has been doing an exceptional job working together, and bitcoin still hasn’t changed at it’s core. After a few (admittedly, too many) beers, some relaxation and a bit of sunshine, we’re excited to enjoy 2016 with you. Be […]

China Unbans Bitcoin

(image credit)   It’s been fun watching rampant speculation and inaccurate, lazy reporting regarding the most recent rise in bitcoin price. Conspiracy theories are running wild, and tin foil hat traders are petrified that they will get burned again when the “ponzi” collapses. Guess what guys? Unlike last time, that shit probably ain’t gonna happen […]

Bitcoin’s Role During The Upcoming Financial Crisis

Almost exactly seven years after the 2008 financial crisis, it appears as if the world’s current financial system is on the brink of outright collapse once again. If you are reading this blog, you probably aren’t oblivious to the recent fx volatility, emerging market bloodbath and constant dewm narrative now being pushed by the msm. […]

Is ChangeTip Changing Anything Anymore?

For years, there has been non-stop talk in the community about what “bitcoin’s killer app” will be, but what most fail to realize is that the bitcoin protocol itself is the “killer app”. Transacting online has been cumbersome and risky with legacy payment methods (cc fraud, hackings, etc), and the internet was clearly designed with […]

The Bitcoin XT Trojan

With the block size debate raging for weeks now, bitcoin has proven (again) that it is has grown up and is now subject to the unfortunate realities of the world, and politics. While we have been following the debate closely, we felt that it was not worthy of reporting on because of the childish behavior, […]

Symbiont Updates, XCP Rocket Ignited

While it’s no secret that the world has been starting to see the light with “blockchain”, it has been pretty obvious from the multiple attempts by the msm to cover bitcoin already that this is going to take a while. Everyone else has their training wheels on, but for those of us who scoured bitcointalk […]