The Wuestenrote (Wusitanluo) LTC Ponzi Was Crushed

With yesterday’s LTC pump, many traders have been talking about the possibility of another moonshot. In our experience, group think generally should be approached with caution, and traders should sort out the facts on their own before making any moves. With the possibility of making or losing a significant amount of money in the game […]

BFX Bot Gone Wild

It appears as if trading is slowed or suspended on BFX, after a rogue bot seemingly took over ltc/btc trading for a period of 35 minutes. The intense volume and consistent range of the trades suggests that this was not human error (unless they were wasted). The impact could be seen on the ltc/usd market, […]

Underlying FOMO + Creative Thinking = LTC Pump

After weeks of almost completely flat trading, and and months of the $220-$240 range, it looks like at least some crypto volatility is back. Although Greek people are not buying bitcoin en masse, the psychological implications of a Greek bank holiday have triggered buying from other parts of the globe. We outlined what you can […]

Is Greece The Only Country About To Get Cyprussed?

Everyone is focused on Greece. We obviously didn’t have to tell you that, because you have internet connectivity if you are reading this. Bubble talk has already begun in the bitcoin community, and the pumps and dumps of the last 48 hours may be remembered as “the Reuters roller coaster” (although they should fact check […]

Life Is A Pump And Dump, Front Run The XCP Pump

Spend enough time in the right niches of the bitcoin community, and you are bound to hear “life is a pump and dump” almost too frequently. Unfortunately for traders, the only pumping bitcoin has been doing recently has been in the amount of outstanding USD swaps and margin longs on BFX. Three months of stability, […] Presents…

If you haven’t noticed the new tab at the top of our page, we launched a new segment of today. Fiat Obituaries We look forward to documenting one of the most trans-formative shifts the world has ever seen (based on the history we are told).

X – The Future Of Food Supply Chains

A little over a week ago, Coindesk came out with an excellent article titled: How Bitcoin’s Technology Could Make Supply Chains More Transparent The piece outlines the potential future uses of bitcoin/blockchain technology, in respect to increasing transparency of supply chains (the article specifically refers to food products). If you haven’t given the article a […]

The Blockchain, A Double Edged Sword

One of the most common misconceptions about Bitcoin is that it is anonymous. Another common delusion, is that transactions aren’t being tracked. We would LOVE to spend a day using Palantir’s block explorer.