Bears Dump On Bitlicense

Lawsky and the NYDFS released the final version of the Bitlicense today. While bitcoin community members have been internet fighting over regulation, the bottom line is that it was coming one way or another, deal with it. If individual companies feel that the current framework is too restrictive, Lawsky stated that the NYDFS would be […]

The OKCoin Hindenburg Omen

no… not the TA kind. Another day, another fun filled piece of OK Coin drama. Luckily we are just reporting on the actual events taking place, because we couldn’t make this shit up if we tried. When we left off, OKC had fired the last shot – presenting their research from Ben McGinnes to the […]

Recent OKC Temper Tantrum Makes Researcher $20k Richer

The last thing you want to do when it’s really nice outside is sit and read through/analyze documents. Even worse, is when you finish, and realize you just wasted hours of your life that you will never get back. If you haven’t guessed, yes… this is related to OK Coin. Today, they took their turn […]

OKC Races the NSA To Beat Cryptography

In a dramatic turn of events over the weekend, the OKC/Ver situation that had “gone nuclear” on Friday, appears to be more of a long lasting Fukushima type incident than an atoll test. Read our overview of part 1 and part 2 if you aren’t all caught up. We thought the story couldn’t get any […]

OKC Drama Goes Nuclear

Some people are still pissed off at Roger for his Mt. Gox audit, but given the actions of government employees leading up to the questionable seizure of Mt. Gox bank accounts, we don’t think its really fair to place blame on anyone until all of the details are revealed. So if we can all agree […]

Finney/Nakamoto E-mails, From The WSJ

Short but interesting post. We read through these e-mails today, and they definitely offer some great insight into Bitcoin’s earliest days. Came across this Reddit post the other day, which had a link to the e-mails – (along with an interesting post). Click Here for the full PDF of e-mails that Hal Finney sent to […]

Swedish ETN Launch = GBTC Dewm

The Swedish Bitcoin ETN launched today on the Nasdaq OMX Nordic market. This ETN tracks the price of Bitcoin via 3 exchange quotes, and each unit/share is equal to .005 BTC. Shares are quoted in SEK though (Swedish Krona), even though the prices are derived in other currencies from the Bitcoin exchanges. The Bitcoin Tracker […]